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YuppTV Android App

YuppTV Android App
Watch Indian TV Channels Live on your
Android by YuppTV
Available at the Android Market Place

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Download YuppTV App for free at the Android Market Place
YuppTV customers can now watch Live Indian TV channels across the Globe on their Android Phones. YuppTV’s Live Broadcasting application is now in the Android Market Place. To watch YuppTV on your Android Phone, all you need to do is simply download YuppTV application from Android Market and begin to watch your favourite Channels.

How do I install YuppTV Android Application?
Follow the below steps to watch Live Indian TV Channels on your Android Phone
1. Click on the Android Market Place icon in your Android Phone
2. Search for YuppTV
3. Click on YuppTV icon to Install the App
4 Once Installed, Sign In using your user name and Password created in
5 Enjoy your favorite Indian TV Channels on your Android Phone

YuppTV Android Application has been developed for an express delivery of Indian Television channels to Android Phone users - for Instant information, News awareness and non-stop entertainment anywhere
and anytime.

For any suggestions or queries, our Customer Support team is all geared up in assisting you.