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Ram is a young software engineer who lives with his wife, Lizzy, and their son, Gautham in Chennai. They lead a normal life up until one day when Ram and Lizzy lose Gautham at a crowded beach. The police are not very helpful as Gautham is not the child of anyone with influence. However, after much pestering, the local inspector has one of his men take Ram and Lizzy to the slums in north Chennai to meet a petty criminal, Nayanar, who knows about all the crimes done by the dwellers in his area. Initially, he pretends to not know anything. However, after Lizzy begs at his feet, he finally reveals that Gautham might have been taken to Nagari in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh to be sold to a local pimp, Krishna Rao. Ram then leaves for the pimp's brothel with two friends but finds that Rao only deals with grown women and not little children.

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