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Description :
Aadupuliyattam is about, Satyajith (Jayaram) is a wealthy businessman who is haunted by some visions. On his psychiatrists advice,he meets yogi (Om Puri).Who tells him that the property, Chempakakottai, which he bought 2 years ago is the reason for his visions and that some spirits are waiting to take revenge against him by killing his family and friends. He also says that soil taken from 4 corners of the kottai should be bought to him. Satyajith sends his friend to take the soil who is brutally beaten up and ends in ICU.But he manages to take the soil.Satyajith takes the soil to the yogi who puts it with some statues and does some karmas in three bags.He tells Satyajith to take the two bags to a priest and a musalyar while the third one is left with him.

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