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Albert Samson, who has struggled much on his way up. As a young man he began working with Abraham Thomas, a renowned architect who liked him very much. But in due course Samson became independent and even ruined Abraham Thomas, who was thereby reduced to being Samsons assistant. Samson climbed the ladder of success by making villas for the rich and becoming rich in the process. He also married Alice, the daughter of an English duke. But later, when Alice lost her parents as well as her children and began to understand that for her husband she was merely a stepping stone on the path to success and that he was so intoxicated by success that he didnot care about relationships at all, she distanced herself from him. Abraham Thomas had his son Alex too working with Samson, and always wanted him to get prominence in the firm, especially because he had immense talent. But Samson would never let him grow independent. In the meantime Samson started discovering that what he had been doing was useless since the people for whom he built the villas were not living there happily. He was determined to do something that would bring happiness to him at least. And then comes young Hilda, who makes Samson attempt to build something great, for her as well as for him. This is from where the story of "Akashagopuram" takes off.

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