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Sharada lives a happy life with her husband and her baby child name Chiranjeevi. Later, her husband is attacked by bullies and Sharada decides to hide her child in the bush and went away to escape the goons. An elephant found the child and took him away to raise Chiranjeevi like his own child. Soon when Sharada returns back to find her child, gets shocked to see that her child was missing. Meanwhile, her husband also got wrongly trapped and was sent to jail. Years later, a girl named Radha along with her friends decided to visit the forest and was attacked by the local goons. Chiranjeevi saves Radha from goons and later finds the house of Radha to return her radio which she forgot in the forest. After Chiranjeevi kisses Radha and bids goodbye to her, instantly she falls in love with Chiranjeevi and decides to search him again in the forest. This time, Radha is attacked by a tiger and accidently goes down in the river, where is chased by the wild crocodile. Chiranjeevi saves the life of Radha yet again and took her to his living world. Meanwhile, some people illegally tries to capture an elephant from a long time, but every time Chiranjeevi saves him. Now those poachers try to trap Chiranjeevi in a murder of a police officer that makes Chiranjeevi and Radha run away from police, but Chiranjeevi gets injured by a bullet. Sharada soon discovers them and decides to help the injured Chiranjeevi. She took them to a village doctor, where that doctor realizes that Chiranjeevi is the son of Sharada by identifying Shivalingam tattoo on the shoulder of Chiranjeevi. Soon, Sharada also finds that Chiranjeevi was her missing child. Police arrest Chiranjeevi and put him behind the bars, where he is tortured by the policemen. Chiranjeevi breaks out of the jail and runs away. After this incident, Sharada decided that she will educate her son so that he can take revenge from the goons. In the end, Chiranjeevi becomes a well-educated person. The movies end with the climax, where it is

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