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Faizal( Asif Ali ), a native of Kochi, is a bike action artist. He has an accident during a stunt and is admitted to the hospital. He as asked how he fell from the bike. He gives the reason by telling the story about his best friends, Akbar( Jayasurya ), Amar( Prithviraj ) and Anthony( Indrajith ). They belong to poor families and live in a slum in Fort Kochi. Amar works in a shopping mall as a kids mini kart driver. He is a lecherous man and has many failed loves. An orphan lady along with her daughter Fathima (Baby Meenakshi), lives with his family. Akbar has Poliomyelitis and is handicapped due to it. Anthony works in a mall as a pizza delivery boy. Akbar, Amar, and Anthony have a crush towards their neighbor Jeni( Namitha Pramod), who is a dance performer. Their wish is to go to Thailand, Pattaya beach to meet modern women and flirt. They save money every month from their salary. Each time they raise the required Rs 25000, some unforeseen issue comes up, and they have to spend the money. Jeni plans to dance and Fathima plans to sing at the colony annual day function. However, Fathima goes missing during the function. The following day her body is found in the dump. The police inform that young girls are going missing and they are found abused and dead. Police suspect a pedophile in Bengal who may have relocated to Kochi. Akbar, Amar, and Anthony find him and plan to take revenge. The police inform them that it was Sir( V K Sreereman ), loved by everyone in the colony, who killed their Fathima. Both the Sir and the Bengali are murdered as a cleansing by the colony people. At the end, Faizal at reveals that he was the travel agent for the Pattaya trip and that he had lied to get Rs 25000. This resulted in his bike accident. Akbar, Amar, and Anthony donate a major part of their money towards a children's social project. Watch Amar, Akbar, and Anthony.

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