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The entire family of Bhau Kemkar lives on hope. They are so over-optimistic that they often disregard the hard reality of life. The family comprises Bhau who is a bank manager, his school-teacher wife, an older son Vivek who works with an architect, younger son Sandeep who works in a finance company, college-going daughter Jui, Viveks wife Rama (the daughter in law) and their little son. They are an extremely loving family and each member has big dreams for the other. Rama, however, is an exception to this. A typical Pune-ite, she is free-spoken and practical. Although she is good at heart, it irritates her that her family members constantly build castles in the air. Her attempts to make them face reality fall in vain. One day, the family is faced with a severe crisis. At such a critical time, Rama sets her differences aside and stands like a rock behind the family.

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