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This is the story of Kavita, an orphan, who lives with her uncle and aunt. She repays the obligation by helping with the household chores. Her cousin Anita is studying with her in the same college. Ashok, who is also in the same class, belongs to an affluent family. There is a mutual attraction between Ashok and Kavita. Ashok leaves for America abruptly after his father,who has settled there,visits him. After a while Kavita realizes that she is pregnant and her aunt throws her out of the house. She overcomes all the obstacles and raises the child on her own, whom she names Raju. Raju is six years old when one day he suffers from a high fever and insists on seeing his father. Kavita frames a photograph from a magazine as Raju's father and pacifies him. On a picnic trip, Raju spots the same man and forcibly gets him home. Then what follows is utter chaos

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