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Priyadarshan (Tini Tom) is a dubbing artist for TV serials and Ad-Films. He got married to Anjana (Aditi Roy) for 4 years and his family life was peaceful without any Issues. Only worry they had was about not having a child. To overcome that, they started engaging themselves in socializing and mixing with their friends without realizing where to control and restrict their friends in their personal family space. Priyadarshan and Anjana are such couple who openly speaks their issues each other and resolve the same. Meera (Jeena) and Valanja Vazhi Sinjo (Suraj Venjarammood ) are their intimate friends during college time. It was a surprise for Priyadarshan and Anjana to meet their old friends again after many years. Gradually these old friends started visiting the couple very frequently in their apartment. In one of their neighboring flats stay Chacko (Edavela Babu), David (Sinil Sughatha), and Kaimal (Chali Pala). They lead a lavish life. Priyadarshan befriends them. Meanwhile Anjana smells something fishy about Priyadarshans behavior. The resulting incidents are narrated in Anyarku Praveshanamilla through suspense comedy track. This clearly gives a message that, friends and outsiders should not be overly involved in one familys personal space. Family first.

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