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Appa movie is about three fathers with different mindsets and how that reflects on the way they raise their respective kids. Samuthirakani is that cool dad, every child would love to be raised by. He understands that education alone cannot decide his sons success. Freedom is something his son, played by Vignesh of Kaaka Muttai fame, befriends and is aided by his father to realize his own dreams. Thambi Ramaiah on the other hand is the exact opposite. He is that typical father, who asks his son to focus only on education and wants him to fulfil the dreams of his father. Namo Narayana, the third dad portrayed in the movie, is dispassionate about his son. He neither guides him to realize his dream, nor encourages him to focus on his studies. How does these three styles of parenting affects the growth of their kids, is what forms the cruz of this story

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