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The story goes like this Lalitha (Prameela) belongs to a conservative, pious and poor Brahmin family. She is the eldest among the eight siblings she had. One day her aunt comes to their house with her daughter who is unmarried and starts to live with them. They start creating lots of problems as they are a notorious spendthrift. Looking at all this Lalitha decides to go to work in order to take up her family mantle. She starts working as an office help. To request a medical seat for her brother she travels all the way to Madras to see a politician. She is insulted and advised to return back to home. Another person Promises her to get a medical seat for her brother. However, he forces Lalitha to something else as a return favor. She thinks of committing suicide but drops the idea after talking with her brother. Later, she goes to Hyderabad after getting promoted. Due to the ill fate and the family needs, she becomes a prostitute but somehow manages to settle her sisters and brothers. It is her mother who realizes that something is not good with Lalitha. Thyagus (Kamal Hasan) marriage is fixed with the girl. Her aunt starts creating a lot of troubles when she learns about this marriage as she wanted to get her daughter married to Thyagu. She even spreads the truth with all. She is ditched by her family when they all learn about her dark side. Later, she marries a man, Thangavelu (Sivakumar) who was once rejected by her. In the end, Lalitha loses her sanity. Watch Arangetram movie online.

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