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Rama Rao, the role played by NTR Jr., joins the underworld drug cartels with the intention of avenging his brother Siddu, the role played by Siddarth, who was killed in a bomb blast that had been planned by Saadu Bhai, the role of Kelly Dorji, who is a Mafia Don. The father of Rama Rao it so happens works for Saadu Bhai and so it becomes easy for Rama Rao to infiltrate the Cartel using the alias Baadshah. Aadi is a corrupt officer who is under the pay of Saadu Bhai and is assisting him in planning to bomb several places in India and is also engaged to Janaki, the role played by Kajal. Baadshah decides to get closer to Janaki with the aim of finding a way to eliminate Aadi, but in the process, he falls in love with her. Will he be able to save India and at the same time get the girl he loves Watch Baadshah movie online.

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