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It is the story of a do-gooder young man who pretends as the husband of his girl friends sister. Raju (Chiranjeevi) runs between New Zealand, where he has a restaurant, and India to run a home for orphans started in his sisters name. Swapna (Rambha) is a student in New Zealand, staying with her uncle. Once she goes looking for Raju to take him to task for thrashing her friend. On coming to know that Raju was not at fault, she promptly falls in love with him. After that the scene shifts to India when Raju goes there to look after the home. There he saves a pregnant woman, Sandhya (Rachana) from committing suicide. On learning about her jilted love affair, he decides to help her out. He convinces her that he would act as her husband till the baby is born, whereupon he would leave her, so that she could live with her child in the society peacefully as a deserted wife. With that plan they go to her village. There her father, Rao Bahaddur Rajendra Prasad (Paresh Rawal), after the initial refusal, unwillingly gives his nod to the plan under the pressure from family members.

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