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Producer Of This Movie is Vrunda Gajendra and was Directed Gajendra Ahire and the story written by Gajendra Ahire and Dialogues by Gajendra Ahire. The Music And Lyrics by Bankim chandra, Kabir, Aamir Khusarro,Gajendra Ahireand Bhaskar Chandavarkar Upendra Bhat,Vibhavari Apte, Kavita Kharbandikar, Vishal Moghe, Dattprasad Ranade, Narendra Bhide Casts are Mrunal Kulkarni,Sharvari Jamenis This is a sad love story in the early 1940s. Start of the story shows us a character Bayo, who is writing letters to Vishwanath. When Raavi meets Bayo, the real life story of Bayo comes in front of us.Bayo is a muslim girl, whose father is freedom fighter. His father requests a Brahmin Teacher to take care of his daughter. This teacher is not married and he has given shelter to Vishwanath and that is how the love story starts.

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