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Sajjala is an orphan and is raised and brought up by Appakaka, who is an ex-army man. Appakaka and Sajjalas dad were very close friends. Appakaka arranges her wedding with Jayantrao, who is an advocate and the son of the landlord. The cunning and clever chief of the village, Ramrao Rank does not like this. He persuades the landlord to cancel the wedding. Sajjala gives her trusted friend Bhalu a letter and asks her to take it to Jayantrao. Jayantrao reads it and understands that there was a misunderstanding. Jayantraos friend, Police Officer Khandekar, informs Jayantrao about Ramraos plan. Ramrao is confronted by Jayantrao, but he shamelessly refuses. Jayantrao is then poisoned by Ramrao, however, Appakaka gets framed. He is arrested and Jayantrao is sick and near death. A clever lawyer, Sumitra, who is MLA Pawars niece, takes up the challenge to get Appakaka released. Watch Bhalu movie online.

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