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Orphaned in her childhood, Sajjala, is raised by Appakaka, an ex-armyman, who was a dear friend of Sajjala's father. He fixes her wedding with Advocate Jayantrao, the son of the landlord but Ramrao Rank; the cunning shrewd chieftain of the village can't bear this and convinces the landlord against Sajjala. Instead of this, damping her spirit, Sajjala sends a letter through her loyal and trusted companion Bhalu, and rids Jayantrao of his misunderstanding. Police Inspector Khandekar, who is a friend of Jayantrao reveals the plot of Ramrao. When Jayantrao confronts Ramrao, he refuses shamelessly. Ramrao then poisons Jayantrao, but Appakaka is framed and arrested. Jayantrao is on his death-bed, so Sumitra, the niece of MLA Pawar, who is a lawyer, accepts the challenge of releasing Appakaka.

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