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Arul (Vijay Anthony) is a very rich man, who returns to India after completing his graduation abroad. His mother (Dheepa Ramanujam) is responsible for the growth of their mill after her husband passed away. Her brother in law (Muthuraman) is greedy and wants Aruls properties. Aruls mother has an accident, inside the factory. She falls into a coma, and the doctors are unable to cure her. Arul meets a Swamiji for advice. The Swamiji says that Arul should be a beggar for 48 days to help cure his mother and this should not be revealed to anyone. He asks his friend(Bagavathi Perumal) to manage the business until he is back. He meets a girl(Satna Titus) whom he and his mother had earlier decided to contact, through a matrimonial website. They fall in love. Satna finds out that Arul is a bigger and starts to avoid him. She is later impressed when she finds out the reason why he became a beggar. Arul finds out that some doctors from a mental institution are using their patients for experiments. The doctors find out that Arul knows the truth and attack him, but Arul escapes. His uncle spots him and attacks him, but his girlfriend Satna gets injured. He does not have money to rescue her, and his 48 days is still not over. However, his fellow beggars give the money. After the 48 days is over, Arul finds out that there is no improvement with his mother. His mother recovers when he holds her hand. Arul and Satna get married. His uncle is arrested. In the climax, Arul is busy on a call and does not notice a beggar at the temple. Aruls mother tell him that the life of a beggar is sad and we should not hurt them. She says that rich people like us cannot live like a beggar even for a day. Arul apologizes and this signals that Aruls mother never knew about her sons sacrifice.

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