C.B.I. Shankar Action | 7+
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Sub-inspector Galappa Doddamani stumbles at Sathyas filming location in a forest, of the film CBI Shankar. The president of the local Zilla Parishad Narayana Gowda (Vajramuni) reaches the spot with a businessman Amar (Devaraj), and grant the crew permission to continue filming. Following Gowdas inappropriate behavior with Tara (as herself), the films female lead, at a party hosted by the film producer, she storms out of the party and walks out of the film. Sathya, also the films director, persists Amars sister Asha (Suman Ranganathan) to replace her, to which an initially hesitant Asha agrees in her brother, Amars absence, who had other plans for her. Amar away from home, strikes a business deal with an agency with the help of Radha, who has crush on him. Filming with CBI Shankar, Asha, while performing a scene in the film, falls unconscious on seeing blood stained clothes and backs out of the film. Sathya woos her and convinces her to overturn her decision, and is successful. Amar, on returning home, is furious to find Asha acting and confronts Sathya. He gets the police to the filming location to arrest Sathya on grounds of having forced Asha to act in the film. Sathya then reveals his real identity of Shankar, a CBI officer who, with his team have come down to the town to unearth the murder case of Santosh (Shashikumar), having been closed down previously by the local police calling it a suicide.

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