C.B.I. Shankar Action | 7+
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C.B.I Shankar, released in 1989, is a Kannada cult movie based on crime investigation. This Swarnagiri Films production is written and directed by P. Nanjundappa. The film presents Shankar Nag in the lead role and the music is composed by Hamsalekha. The other prominent roles in the movie are played by Devaraj, Vajramuni, and Shashikumar. As the title suggests, the film is based on solving a murder mystery. The case was turned down by local police, but a C.B.I officer, Shankar (played by Shankar Nag) takes on the mission to solve the case. The film portrays the not so common love story through many flashbacks involving the murder of Santosh (played by Shashikumar). Will Shankar be able to find the murderer This question forms the zest of the movie. Watch C.B.I Shankar movie online.

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