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The story goes like this An unemployed young man, Gandhi (Chiranjeevi) steals medicine for his mother who is fighting for her life in the hospital. He runs to the hospital with the medicine in his hand, but his mother dies by the time he reaches there. He is not even having a penny in his pocket to cremate his mother. He even makes an attempt to put his mothers corpse in the mortuary in order to protect it, but for that too he is required to pay the money demanded by the ward boy (Sai Kumar). Ram Mohan Rao (Rao Gopal Rao), who is the business tycoon, brings his wife to that hospital in order to get her cured. Gandhi is desperately searching for a way to arrange some money for her mothers funeral. He plays numerical trick with Harika (Vijayasanthi), Raos daughter. She pays him Rs 501- as a reward for impressing her, which he uses for his mothers funeral. But the ward boy somehow robs that money. Gandhi is left with no money and home after the funeral of his mother. One day, while he is wandering the streets, rescues a young lady, Lakshmi (Suhasini) from drowning in the river, as she makes an attempt to commit suicide. They both go to Lakshmis house where he comes across an advertisement for a job in the newspaper. Gandhi, after understanding the trick behind publishing the advertisement for the job goes to participate in that interview to Mohan Raos house. They both get into an argument after Gandhi gave him a titfor-tat, as he was fooling the common people by publishing such ads. Ram Mohan Rao challenges Gandhi after he says that it is easy to make money. He even says that within 5 years he can easily earn Rs 50 Lakhs. As a bit to the challenge, Rao says, he will marry Harika to him if he succeeds. After signing an agreement, Gandhi leaves. Rao throws the agreement in the trash as he is sure that Gandhi will not be able to earn that money. Gandhi is determined to win the challenge and starts planning his moves in order to earn Rs 50 Lakh. After winning his first hun

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