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A guy named Chanakya (Chiranjeevi) is working at the airport as a customs officer. He is the son of an Army personnel (Kaikala Satyanarayana|Satyanarayana), who is going to get awarded for his services with Padmashree. Chanakya traces the smuggling racket of Raogopalrao and in their defense, they prove that Chanakyas father is also a smuggler and he smuggles diamonds. After getting a lot of humiliation, Chanakya vows to prove his fathers innocence and will expose the original culprits. The lead actress of the movie Shashirekha (Vijayasanthi) works as an Air hostess who also works with Chanakya and supports him, she has a lot of problems regarding her sisters family, as her sisters mother-in-law used to threaten her sister for more dowry. The main story further revolves around both of them as for how they fight from their situations and how they came out from their professional and personal problems and at last they succeeded to overcome all the problems to be happily married at last. This movie was a superhit. Watch Chanakya Sapatham movie Online.

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