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Chanti, the son of a local singer, is brought in to sing at a ceremony celebrating the birth of a baby girl Nandini. The party is thrown by Nandinis three brothers, who have taken to raising her as their own since their parents died. As Nandini enters puberty, the only men she interacts with are her bodyguards and her brothers. After her, bodyguards get into a fight with Chanti and he beats them up, the brothers hire him to become her new bodyguard. Unfortunately in the course of protecting her from a death threat, Chanti is accused by the brothers of touching Nandini inappropriately and beat him to near death, causing him to quits his job on the spot. Nandini asks to meet him and apologize and convinces him that if he ties a wedding chain around her neck, her brothers will no longer harm him. Chandi doesnt realize that this now means they are married, and only seeks to advise from his mother when he notices Nandinis wifely behavior toward him. Upon realizing what has happened, Chantis mother sends him away in a bid to protect him. The brothers come and threaten her to reveal where he is, and Nandini threatens to harm herself if the brothers do anything to harm Chanti. Watch Chanti movie online.

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