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The movie story revolves around a family which is very happy headed by Rajan Ketkar who is married to Meenal and they have a daughter by name Rani. The family lives opposite Durgamaushi who have a son by the names Nandu who is mentally deranged. As time goes by Meenal comes to learn that Nandu is his agemate and he was one of his childhood friends. She then becomes compassionate for him and his father doesnt like this. Meenal takes the next step of admitting Nandu to one of a rehabilitation center in the area. Rajan family one day visits the rehabilitation center for a certain function. After a long time, Nandu sees Meenal, and he gets restless and decides to run away. Nandu starts roaming the streets of Mumbai. At the same time, Durgamaushi is hospitalized. Polie takes Nandu home only to find that her mother has passed away and he is left as an orphan. Nandu he opts to go to Rajan family for help. The family after much consideration takes him and nurture his painting talent. Nandu ends up being one of the best artists and receives international recognition. Watch Chaukat Raja movie online.

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