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A realistic thriller story about Roy (Vineeth Srinivasan) who is working as an accountant with a salary of peanuts in the office of Kaustubhan (Jagathy) and in the same complex works Sanju (Vinoo Mohan), who is a talented cricketer and aspires to be in the Ranji Team but for now is working in an electronics shop. On the romantic side, Roy has tender feelings for Annie (Bhama) who is working as a receptionist in a Travel agency and there is Meenakshi (Sandhya) daughter of Kaustuban who is madly in love with Sanju and is always after him. However both Roy and Sanju share a common thing, that is poverty and the problems due to it. Things change on one fateful New Year day celebration wherein both of them face an inevitable situation of pandemonium and with no other choice become robbers. Now, they become rich by an amount of two crore rupees but then are being chased by some of the most powerful people in town. What happens in the end Do they get rich What happens to their love lives All this forms the rest of the story.

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