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Fate is an important player in human life. Efforts alone do not suffice to accomplish feats; it takes a slice of good fortune for good things to happen. The movie, 'Devata', highlights this very truth as it reveals the story of a youth caught up in the whirl of handiworks of Fate. A well- educated person, this young man, by some perverseness of chance, is veered toward the life of a dacoit. In one of the customary raids of the gang, he abducts a young woman who, to protect her dignity, accepts him as husband. However, it is soon borne in on her that no human being is born evil; it is destiny that pulls strings from behind the curtain. On knowing the circumstances that forced her husband to take up the notorious path, she resolves to bring his life back on track and this time, finds Fate on her side. The story ends underlining the fact that it is circumstances, and not men, that are the headwaters of sin and what follows is an involuntary flux of response.

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