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Vasudha lives in a combined family. The family lives in happiness and harmony. But her sister-in-law Sujata feel bad because she cant bear a child. Vasudha is of very kind nature and asks Sujata to adopt her son to her sister-in-law cant bear a child. This sacrifice of son gives the movie its name Devki. The family faces a tragedy and at the same time one of their neighbor plants insecurity in Sujatas mind. This bitterness in the relations keeps getting increased and finally Sujata decides for separation leave apart from Vasudhas family.Rohan is the son of Vasudha adopted by Sujata. He feels unhappy about the incidents because he has affection for Vasudha. He gets disturbed when he comes to know about the adoption. He feels helpless due to losing of loved once. The childs mind get overwhelmed by several questions about his existence and the fragile nature of the world. It leads him to a big decision of leaving the house. And everyone gets shocked about his absence. Watch Devki movie online.

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