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The movie is a social drama which is based on the universally prevalent divide in society based on money as well as the idea that people do not change, and if they do change, then the society does not allow them to stay changed. Naik, Palegar and Dalavayee are three youths who are children of rich and powerful men in society. They live a carefree life consisting mainly of their debauchery. The films opening scene shows them openly eve teasing a young girl. When her enraged brother, Purushottham tries to get them to stop, they thrash him and leave. On another occasion, they are shown enjoying a grand meal and alcohol in a restaurant. When an old acquaintance approaches them and requests them to loan him money, they insult him and declare that they would rather throw their money into the garbage than give him a loan. One day, they try to misbehave with Neela, who fights them off and then blackmails their families with dire consequences if they do not acquiesce to her conditions. Her conditions turn out to be severe, she requires them to stay away from the city in a place of her choice for six months. She also specifies that they cannot take more than a hundred rupees each with them. Naik, having fallen for her, agrees in a fit of bravado, believing that this will win her over and his friends follow suit.

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