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Vijay is an honest guy who lives with his family and friend Vivek. One day, he is approached by a person who tells him that his father owes him some money and he is to return it or his house will be taken away. Vijay discovers that a guy named Koccha based in Malaysia owes him a large amount of money, and so as the courier boy, along with Vivek, he flees to Malaysia. After some time he finds out that Kocchas son-in-law and circumstances cause him to attack Kocchas men. Then he finds Kocchas sister and she fall in love with him. Her brother is forcing her to marry the corrupted person, and so with the help of her mother flees to India. He soon finds out that his father is being held as a slave in Kadapa, and has to figure a way out for all of them. Enjoy watching Dopidi with YuppFlix on multiple internet enabled devices.

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