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Geeta (Vyjayanthimala) is a girl from a well to do family and is well educated, her parents had brought up her with traditional values and respect for those values. After her graduation, her parents decide to marry her off with Ratan Chowdhury (Manoj Kumar), the son of a Landlord, who had the mind frame that a highly educated wife would be incapable of handling and managing a home. Later he marries Geeta but his mentality and the talk of others stop him from accepting her. He disowns her and Geeta has to go back to her parents house. Geeta refuses to remarry and continues her studies to become a doctor. After garnering a degree in medical science she goes back to Ratans village as Dr. Vidya. She wants to clear the wrong perceptions that Ratan has about her. How will Geetas new avatar as Dr. Vidya work. Will Ratan accept her

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