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Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgn ) is a happy, content man, running a successful cable TV business in Pondolem, Goa . His wife is Nandini ( Shriya Saran ) His adopted daughter Anju(Ishita Dutta) is a twelfth class student and his second daughter, Anu, is a sixth class student. He watches movies all the time and is very interested in the methods used in movies. On a nature trip, a cell phone captures Anju taking a shower in the bathroom. It was hidden by Sameer(Rishabh Chadda), the son of Meera Deshmukh(Tabu), the Gl of Goa. Vijay is not home , Sameer blackmails Anju for sex. Nandini begs him to leave them, but Sam is adamant. Anju swings a lead pipe to break the cell phone, but it hits his head. He dies immediately. Anju and Nandini bury the body in a compost pit. Anu witnesses this. Vijay comes back from work and Nandini tells him everything. He disposes of Sams car and the cell phone. Vijay goes on a trip to Panjim with his family the next day. They got to an Ashram, movie theater and eat in a restaurant. Meera starts investigating and the inquiry leads to Anju. Having foreseen this, Vijay teaches his family how to answer questions without raising any suspicion. Vijay shows the bus tickets, movie, restaurant and lodging bills to prove that the family was at Panaji, on the incident day. The owners and employees support Vijays alibi. Meera then realizes that Vijay had purchased tickets for his family on the incident day. He took his family on the trip the next day. He had confused the owners and the employees, about the date they have seen Vijay with his family. Meera allows Gaitonde to use physical force and beat Vijay, Anju, and Nandini. They resist. Meera gets information about the video and what Sam did. Anu is also treated badly and she gives in. She reveals the truth about the body in the pit. The police find a dogs carcass in the pit. Gaitonde is beaten by the public and is suspended and Meera is given indefinite leave. Vijay refuses to tell Nandini what he did w

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