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There is no such thing as On the way out. As long as you are still doing something interesting and good, you are in business because you are still breathing. Old age isnot so bad when you consider the alternative. It is not a drag getting old for the protagonist and his wife in this film E Bandhana ala Make Way for Tomorrow or Bhagbhan or School Master. What the son wishes to forget, the grand children wishes to remember in this film.This film is a classic example of the missing bondage between parents and children. This is the best example for parents who work so much for their children to have security for their life. This film shows very clearly where there is expectation there is disappointment.It is a perfect role for Dr.Vishnuvardhan which he has done it superbly. None other than Dr.Vishnu in Kannada cinema can do this role. He has that age and agility. His walking style, looks, delivery of emotional dialogues touches you. Jayaprada is another nice companion for Dr.Vishnu. She not only looks gorgeous but has done a fine job. Darshan and Ananthnag are the other stars strike your attention very much in this film. Darshan for his height and looks matches the opulence of his role. His interaction with Dr.Vishnuvardhan earns him applause in the theatres. Ananthnag in his usual wit and accent of Hubli-Dharwad Kannada is a treat to watch. Thara, Ashwath Ninasam, Jennifer Kotwal, Kumari Vaibhavi, master Nayanshekhar have given good support.

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