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Description :
The story surrounds between Kashinath and Rukmini. Basically, they were having a simple life. He raised his family by his income from being a bus conductor. They were blessed with two beautiful daughters named Vasanti and Vanadevi and two handsome sons Chandan and Abheer. As time goes, their demand increases that has led them to financial troubles. They have struggled a lot after receiving an unpaid electric bill. Kashinath did everything and even tried all the ways he could. He was insulted the moment he asked for an appeal from the Information Commissioner but this doesnt solve his problem on electricity rather worsen the scenario. Until such time he loses all hope he has and just returned back home and settle on his simple work. His son suffered from electricity loss where he uses an oil lamp to light up the darkness inside their home. Truly, nothing would beat the courage and strength anyone has. His son was determined enough and was able to place on the state level examination which brought back their electricity. Watch Ek Chuo Chya movie online.

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