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Ganesha, the role played by Anant Nag, lives with his friend Shastri, the role played by Ramesh Bhat, in a compound belonging to Ramanamurthy, the role played by Chandru. Ganesha is in love with a singer whose stage name is Shruti, the role played by Vinaya. He has never met her but hears her songs on the radio, and so he writes love letters for her and ends them with the code name Y.G.Rao. In the meantime, Ganeshas father makes an arrangement with Ramanamurthy for Ganesha to marry his daughter. The girl, Adilakshmi visits and meets Ganesha and the two end up loathing each other. Their hatred for each other stirs conflict also between their parents. Later, Ganesha realizes that Adilakshmi is actually Shruti the musician and the love of his life. Will the two of them ever get a chance to get together and convince their parents to let them marry To find out, watch Ganeshana Maduve movie online. Watch Ganeshana Maduve movie online.

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