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The film talks about her journey and her continuous struggles with herself. Talking about the characters, we have the protagonist Gauri, who is young, nature-loving, innocent and over above open-minded. Unlike her, her father is a collector who is strict and least bothered about other peoples feelings as all that he is concerned about is his false prestige. Also, the film talks about her mother who follows the city culture and who is completely involved in clubs and social work. The film revolves around Gauri and talks of her life events and how she falls ill and looks for her parents love and affection and how for her rare and incurable disease she gets treated at the house of a shepherd and looks at the brighter side of life while being at the villagers house. When cured, Gauri returns to her home but could not gain solace since she is drained both physically and psychologically. Watch Gauri movie online.

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