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Sagar Bhardwaj is a well-respected Professor in City College, Bombay. While doing a project on Ajanta and Ellora caves, he travels to picturesque hill-station Nilaghari, and meets with his sister, her husband and their daughter, Jaya. While going to a dance show, performed by Anjali Mehra, he is asked to get her autograph, which he does but on a condition. This condition does land him in hospital for several weeks, and also gets him to meet Anjalis twin sister, Geeta. Both fall in love with each other and get married. Soon Geeta gives birth to a daughter, Sagarika. Then their world turns upside down when Geeta finds out that Sagar is having an affair with a female student, Kaveri Saxena. Subsequently, Kaveri complains to Principal Ghosh that Sagar had attempted to molest her after hours in the college library. As a result Sagar is suspended, Geeta leaves him and goes to stay with Anjali. When Anjali finds out, she goes back to Bombay in Geetas place to find out what the truth is. She does find out the naked truth, but then comes the devastating news that Geeta has been killed in a bomb explosion while performing on stage. The question remains who killed Geeta, and how is Anjali going to explain her presence to Sagar and Sagarika.

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