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Raju, the plot played by Chiranjeevi, works at a shipyard and is everybodys favorite because he helps anyone in need. His mother gets sick and becomes paralyzed, and this forces him to go back to his hometown to be close to her. While there he looks for a job but to no avail. At one time he saves Bapineedu, the role played by Rao Gopal, who is a wealthy businessman, from hoodlums who had been sent to assassinate his daughter Uma Devi, the role played by Nagma. Uma Devi runs her fathers business, and this makes her become a harsh and headstrong lady. Bapineedu offers Raju a job in the factory, and while there he and Uma fall in love, but their woes are not over yet as Uma Devis enemies have sworn to bring her down. Will Raju be able to humble the strong-headed Uma and at the same time save her from her enemies Watch Gharana Mogudu movie online.

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