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In the movie, two corrupt politicians hire Lambu Aatta and Bulla, two crime lords, to kill each other. After a series of crimes committed by both, Bachubhai Bhigona, another politician hires Bulla to kill off his rival. Kala Shetty, Bullas man, is sent to do the job which he accomplishes successfully. Shankar, a protagonist working as a coolie in a shipyard and at the airport, catches Shetty. Shankar lives with his father who is a police officer and his sister Geeta. Ganga, Shankars girlfriend, is also introduced. Shankars father is beaten up by Bullas goons as he tried to stop them from extorting money. Once again, Shankar makes a heroic entry and saves his father. Natte, another of Bullas men, tries to molest Geeta. The later is saved by Gulshan who she falls in love with. However, this is a conspiracy as Gulshan hands Geeta over to Chuttiya after marrying her. Geeta loses her life during the rape. Shankar swears revenge. Watch Goonda Guru movie online.

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