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Suresh Gopi in the leads as Unnikrishanan, an orphan, reared by his foster father Madhavan who run a fertilizer plant. Due to some local scuffle, he is forced to leave the village and to take up a job as an assistant to Ganapathy Iyer (Lalu Alex), a handicapped millionaire. Unnikrishnan, who is a school dropout, is ready to engage in fisticuffs whenever situation demands. He with his friend Ulpalaakshan (Suraj Venjaaramoodu) gives word to Aiyer that they will find him, his wife and child who went missing years ago. And when they find it difficult to accomplish, they present a girl Shalini (Muktha) before Aiyer as his estranged daughter. Quite happy with the developments, Aiyer immediately plans to marry off Shalini his friends son settled in the U.S. Thereafter, the old mistaken identity game is placed to ensure every associated chaos, till the end.

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