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The story of the movie is a pure Romantic Drama based on the 80s Novel. The story features the Romantic love Relationship Between a city boy Played by Anant Nag and a village girl Rajani. Once Anant with his friend visits the village where he falls in love with Rajani and starts spending time with her. Both of them want to get married, therefore Anant takes the permission of the Rajanis Father and married her. Now all the rituals were done in regard to marriage and Anant became ready to return the city that is without Rajini so that he can agree his father and his thought related to marriage. When Anant return to the city Here he came to know that His marriage had already been fixed by his father with another Girl. Now what Anant Will do to save his marriage with Rajini forms the rest of the story. Watch Hendethigel Bedi movie online.

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