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Palanisamy, the role played by Bhagyaraj, Venkat, the role of Pazhanisamy, and Rajendram, the role played by Ramli, are three great friends who care very much about each other. Their friendship is tested by fate when a beautiful girl Jaya, the role of Radhika, moves to a neighboring house next to Palanisamys home. They all fall in love with her and decide to make a pact to try and impress her until the best man wins. Palanisamy decides to be helping Radhikas mother in the kitchen so as to see and woo Jaya, while Rajendram enters her fathers class to learn Hindi. Venkat becomes her grandfathers boxing student also in an attempt to impress her. Who will appear victorious and get the bride Watch Indru Poi Naalai Vaa movie online.

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