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Whenever we are offered a movie with a sizeable debutant line up in its cast or crew, we become very much enthusiastic to point out what they do to make a movie worth watching. But, of late, at least for a year, we have been witnessing a lot of films from debut hands, made without any sense or logic, or with any integrity or sincerity to make it an entertaining one. "Jubilee" is also one such movie, that doesnot offer you much. It can even to be rated average.The story of "Jubilee" by the director himself doesnot have any originality and has many similarities to the many movies that we had been with, in the past. The movie pretends to be a family story but the director keeps that theme on the surface and brings in a bit of love story with unwanted song sequences, and even tries for a bit of a thriller menu, which spoils the whole thing, resulting in a silly movie with a silly theme.

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