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The story starts off with a happy couple, Manohar (Vikram Gokhle) and Uma (Ashwini Bhave), who are blessed with two children; Chakuli (Chandorkar Mrunmayee) and Bacchu (Omey Ambre). Manohar has a one-night stand with his secretary, Manisha Salkar, who was a widow. When Uma finally find out, she is broken and packs up, takes her kids and leaves his husband for her parents place. Umas family tries to convince her to forgive Manohar and return to him but she wouldnt budge. She finds a job and starts her new life. The children driven by love meet their father with the help of their uncle without Umas knowledge. Uma is furious when she finds out and scolds the children. Manohar tries to plead with Uma for forgiveness with no success. Mr.Rege comes along and Uma cannot help the attraction between them. Will Uma's family ever be whole again Watch Kalat Nakalat movie online.

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