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The film is about a loyal husband and his wife who is always suspicious of him.Ravichandran acted in his original style in this movie and is a treat to watch. Raghavendra proves himself as one of the most talented young actors in this movie. The story revolves around Ramesh, an editor of a newspaper. Ramesh is constantly suspected by his wife, Ramya.Ramesh, are with the help of his subordinate Reg try tracking a corrupt minister in his sexual escapades.They capture Rameshs friend Ravi with a girl. The tries to alert Ravis wife but Ravi comes out of the situation using his wit.Ravi introduces Ramesh to Khushboo and Ramesh falls in love with Khushboo.This makes his life miserable.Raghu and his girlfriend Sanjana are breaking up due to some misunderstandings.The rest of the story reveals about the fate of Raghu, Rames, and Ravi. Watch Kalla Malla movie online.

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