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Madesha (Vijay) struggling with his friends to reach the heights like Infosys Narayanamurthy, Dr Abdul Kalam and Dr Rajakumar as his model figures collect the monthly chit amount from his friends and float a company. He strongly believes Swarga is not the one in heaven important. Making Swarga in real life is important he suggests. For such a heavenly living the wrong doer in the society Kanchi Kote (Rangayana Raghu) strikes the attention of Madesha. For exposing the shady deals of Kanchi Kote it is a harmful way ahead for Madesha and his team. Kanchi Kote firstly kills three friends of Madesha and look at the mother of Madesha in low taste makes Madesha to pounce like a black cat. All is not well for Madesha and also to Kanchi Kote. Kanchi Kote shows his upper hand. Madesh is declared mad by the team of doctors is what makes Kanchi Kote to set him free.

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