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Karunamayi is one of the best Drama films of all time of handwritten by Kakolu Saroja Rao.the movie consist of the whole packet of drama with the awful action.The word Karunamayi itself suggest that the story leads a path towards merciless.the movie is a family drama where there is the biggest fight exist amongst the members of the family.This problem leads to a terrible fight between the family.the family has one of the main or eldest man who makes the situation even better with the help of politeness.they keep a god prayer at night and pray for the long time for the happiness and many more from the god.in the family one women unable to give birth to the child for that she gives vegetables, etc to the pandit for the prayer so that the god will look after her and make them happy.but there always fight exist among the couples but all gets sorted out in the end and then finally the eldest men dies and the story has made cried at last. Watch Karunamayi movie online.

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