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Pratap (Mithun Chakraborty) travels from a small town to the big city of Bombay to make it big. He rents a room in a Chawl where he befriends Gopal Mathur (Naseeruddin Shah), and his beautiful sister Maya (Yogeeta Bali). Prataps main aim is to succeed in life, earn lots of money, and buy a flat in posh Malabar Hills. He succeeds considerably, woos his boss daughter, Indrani (Ranjeeta)), and is soon promoted to the position of Deputy General Manager. Maya, who is totally oblivious of Prataps love for Indrani, encourages her own love for him, and one night, when Pratap, in his drunken stage, gets lured by her beauty, Maya succumbs to her passions and later learns of bearing Prataps child. How will Pratap handle the two women in his life.

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