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Kurukshetra is intended as a hard hitting movie, with a very few stories of heroism to balance the anti - war message hammered relentlessly through out. Planned as a fitting tribute to the lost souls who died in the combat recapturing the lost Indian land around LOC in Kargil, the movies emphasizes more on the irrelevance of war and the hypocrisys behind these unwarranted ones. The bulk of the movie is concerned with Colonal Mahadevans (Mohanlal) Battalions strategic operandi that led to the recapture of the hilly Kargil terrain. Though a portion of the movie is used to explore the feelings, fears and hopes of the soldiers involved, thereby recreating the manoeuvres and comment on the futility of war. Granted, I would liked to have had an explanation about how the war got started and the gruesome details on what really got everyone to the point of arms, and how the Indians strategically retorted, but it wasn't necessarily told in the film.

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