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The movie story focuses on a mans struggle with a job, a crippling loan, a love triangle and his mindful win over them. Annasaheb (Sanjay Narvekar) is a Wealthy businessman and a widower .he own and runs a papad factory. Inexperience and immature Bharat works is a manager in his factory. Bharat loves a girl named Meeta (Deepali Saiyed). Due to financial problems Bharat takes a loan from Sanjubhai (a money lender), and he is tired hard to pay the interest. One day coincidently Meeta meets Annasaheb, and as time goes on he starts liking her. It creates a triangle of love story .The story moves further describing heros struggle to deal with all this anarchy and friend Annasaheb and how he gets his love at the end. Watch Lagnacha Dhumdhadaka Movie Online.

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