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Nisha, the daughter of a business baron Vilasrao Saranjame, is in love with Akhil. When Vilasrao fixes her marriage with a boy from a rich family, Nisha elopes with Akhil. Vilasrao approaches the police commissioner to search for her. The commissioner assigns the job to a C.I.D. officer Sangle and his female assistant Kiran with the instruction to keep the search a secret so that Vilasrao doesnt attract any ill-fame. Meanwhile, Vilasraos wife doesnt trust the police, so she hires a private detective Tiger and his beautiful assistant Rajani to find Nisha. Meanwhile, Nisha and Akhil find a safe haven in their pal Sopans bungalow. However, there is already an eloped couple hiding in the bungalow. Sopan is murdered and both the couples are arrested on suspicion.

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