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This film is about a young handsome guy Prakash whose family is cursed since last three generations by an unknown power. Whenever a boy baby will born in his family, immediately the father of that baby was died in last two generations. And this is a third generation and time is of Prakash. Prakash marries Nanda who is an innocent girl. Prakash and his mother keeps this secret from Nanda and they decided not to inform her about the curse forever. Nanda doesnot want the infant because of whom she will lose her husband and she went to a doctor for the abortion. Doctor ignores of abortion and told her that the new born will may be a daughter then why she is worried about. But she is willing to abort the infant. Doctor refused and finally she is admitted for delivery. During hospitalization of Nanda, Prakash got a call on the telephone and he was called from his office for an emergency work, Nanda stopping him from going to office but he left the hospital and going thru his car. While driving, an accident happens and Prakash is in critical condition. He was hospitalized in ICCU. But after an operation doctor announced that Prakash is out of danger………

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