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Mallana (Vikram) is a CBI officer who works in economic offenses wing. There is a tradition of writing the wishes of devotees on a paper and sticking it to the tree in Mallanna temple of Srisailam. And the wishes of those devotees come true as somebody leaves the required amount of money at the houses of devotees. It is slowly revealed that CBI officer Mallanna runs an underground organization consisting of a group of friends whose duty is to rob the billionaires who amassed loads of wealth through unfair means. They would be distributing the robbed money to the devotees of Mallanna temple. Meanwhile, DGI (Prabhu) is entrusted with the task of demystifying who the Mallanna is. The rest of the story is all about how Mallanna brings two billionaires (Asish Vidyardhi and Mukesh Tiwari) to the road and how DGI finds out the real truth.

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