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Dinkar Maruti Bhonsle who is Sachin Khedekar leading hundreds of Marathi thinks he and all Marathi is losing identity in Mumbai. He thinks Mumbai comes under Maharashtra but Maharashtra losing Mumbai. He also thinks Marathi losing their respect in Mumbai as much as they deserve. He starts realizing that Marathi are also responsible for that kind of situation. After some days he starts thinking that he is cursed to be born as a Marathi. He thinks his ancestor done some serious crime thats why he born as a MarathiAfter that when Shivaji Maharaj who is Mahesh Manjrekar hear this thing he becomes angry on Dinkar Maruti. After that, Dinkar Marathi is going to face his anger. Shivaji said to him, do not blame others for your little thinking. and Shivaji Maharaj Blamed Dinkar for that kind of thinking and fires him. After Dinkar Maruti realizes he made a big mistake. After that, he returns his sword to Shivaji Maharaj and this movie. Watch Mee Shivaji Raje Bhosale Bolto movie online.

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